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OneTogether Awards


OneTogether is inviting health care professionals to enter its annual awards program, which have been designed to recognise, celebrate and share best practice in reducing the risk of surgical site infections (SSIs)

If you have undertaken steps to improve the care of patients undergoing surgery, we invite you to enter the OneTogether Awards today. Whether your actions are big or small, whether you’ve initiated improvements on your own or involved a wider team, we believe all improvements are worthwhile. 

Open to all members of the surgical team, the OneTogether Awards provide an opportunity to:

Be recognised for improving patient care and reducing the risk of SSIs

Educate and inspire others to replicate your outstanding work

Share your best practice across the wider community through OneTogether

Showcase your achievements – winning entries will have the opportunity to be published in leading journals


Award Criteria


To enter the award you should have implemented an initiative to improve care and reduce the risk of surgical site infections. This can be in your immediate area of care or across your organisation. Entries should highlight the challenges faced, the actions undertaken to improve care alongside measurable results.

Small Steps Award: for an individual or teams that have made small changes in practice to improve surgical care and reduce the risk of SSI

Winning entrants of the OneTogether Award will receive an engraved trophy, certificates for all team members and the opportunity to have their work published to help share best practice.


Award entries will open, when 2024 Expert Conference registrations open.

To enter the OneTogether Awards simply complete the entry form below.

Click here to download the 2024 Entry Form
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Supported by IPS, AfPP, CODP, RCN, 3M
Supported by IPS, AfPP, CODP, RCN, 3M

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