OneTogetherUK Expert Conference 2021

The seventh OneTogether Expert Conference will be taking place on 11 November 2021. The focus at the conference is incision management where keynote speakers and OneTogether partners will discuss how incision management can impact an SSI.

The event will take place on Thursday 11th November 2021 at The Vox Conference Centre, Resorts World, Birmingham.

On the day, we will be launching our fifth quality improvement resource; Incision Management. The resource includes information and guidance on the surgical wounds, wound closure and peri-operative wound care. You will be able to take home a copy of this new resource along with all our other published resources.

Our expert conference is free to attend and will bring hundreds of clinicians from the UK and further together. Attendance is strictly on a first come, first serve basis and our spaces are limited, so be sure to register quickly.

OneTogetherUK Expert Conference is a one and only annual event that brings AfPP, IPS, RCN, CODP and CSC together.

On the day, you will:


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Please read about the safety measures that will be in place at the conference: COVID safety measures

Enter this year's Small Steps Award

We are inviting you to enter this year Small Steps Awards which will recognise and celebrate your best practice which has reduced the risk of SSI. If you have undertaken steps to improve the care of patients undergoing surgery, we invite you to enter this year’s small steps awards today. We want to celebrate your success.

View last year’s winners below to get insights for inspiration.

Enter the Awards

2019 Award Winners

Nur-in Mohammad

Nur-in Mohammad and the team from Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust were awarded a Small Steps prize for their work on increasing compliance with NICE guidance on normothermia in adult patients undergoing surgery. They undertook a risk assessment for all patients undergoing elective surgery and implemented the NICE guidelines according to their patient’s risk. Compliance was successfully improved from 12.5% to 58% in three months. Education of all staff on the importance of warming surgical patients and equally on monitoring and documentation were essential elements of their project. An article describing their work will be written in due course. 1.

Beverley Al-Azzawu

Beverley Al-Azzawi and her team from Northampton General Hospital. They devised and ran some staff education days when their SSI rates were recognised as outliers. A local survey showed that staff felt they lacked confidence in the prevention of SSI and also the management of wounds. The effect of the educational days was able to be measured and through the interactive and fun days which were held for staff, SSI rates decreased to 1% in Total Knee Replacements and 0% in other specialities. Staff reported that they felt far more comfortable to select appropriate dressings and to plan care effectively which improved patient outcomes. A more detailed report will be made in the months ahead. 1.

Dr Jane Halliday

Dr. Jane Halliday, a neurosurgeon from the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. The hospital reviewed its practice and formed a specific infection policy, based on the evidence, it has developed a standardised SSI checklist for use in theatre. It also established a related audit tool and an educational programme. The programme involved a multidisciplinary team, engaging all those involved in the patient’s care pathway. Since June 2019 a significant reduction in returns to theatre for SSI has been achieved, from 4.3% before the project, to 0.72% today. Dissemination of results to all staff was also part of the project which is known to assist in changing behaviour. 1.


  1. K Woodhead 2019 Galvanising efforts to reduce surgical site infections Clinical Services Journal December 2019 Available at

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Supported by IPS, AfPP, CODP, RCN, 3M
Supported by IPS, AfPP, CODP, RCN, 3M

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